Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kiwi Crate Fun

A few months ago a friend introduced me to Kiwi Crate and I decided that I’d give it a try with the kids.  It’s a box that comes once a month with 2 different activities/experiments for the kids to try.  You can specify what age range activities you’d like in your box and they have always sent enough materials for both of my kids to use, which has been super nice!  Our first box contained little planters for them to decorate using Crayola clay mold and they loved doing this one.  And this mommy didn’t mind the clay stuff b/c it’s literally mess free! 



The 2nd activity from this box involved planting seeds that would grow into squash and beans.  This project was a little messier, but just as much fun for the kids.  Plus, it has been one that they have been able to watch for the last 6 weeks grow, which is an added bonus!


This was such a fun thing for us to do with the kids and they loved it too! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2 Months Too Long

2 MONTHS?  Seriously, I cannot believe that I haven’t written anything in this little corner of my world in 2 months.  I’m not quite sure why- other than it might have gotten a little overwhelming and stressful more than enjoyable.  I almost felt like I was forcing myself to think of “topics” to write about and then I would start, erase, re-write and then delete again.  Silliness.  But I don’t feel that stress anymore and with all that has been going on around here I really want to start this back up again and document our little life.  So with that being said, stay tuned for anyone who might still be hanging around.  I’ll be back tomorrow to post again.  Smile

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five on Friday

Well, it’s that time again! I haven’t done a Five on Friday post in a while so I thought I would link up with Natasha for this post.  Here are my 5 on Friday:

1. This morning started off with a surprise from Jackson that I wasn’t expecting.  My little boy has not one, but TWO loose teeth!! We were wondering when this day would come for him (and believe me- he’s asked a couple of times this school year), but his little tiny baby teeth haven’t budged at all.  I went ahead and took him to the dentist this afternoon for her to look at them (one of the adult teeth is coming through behind the baby one and you can’t even see it back there b/c it just broke the skin of the gum).  She x-rayed those teeth and said they aren’t ready to come out yet b/c they’re still attached to some of the bone in the gum and it would be pretty painful for him to pull them right now.  But he was given the go ahead to wiggle away and pretty soon the Tooth Fairy is going to be making her first visit at our house. Smile 


2. I’ve finished Day 20 of the 30 Day Shred.  I must say that I am proud of myself for working out 20 days straight, but I feel SO much better!  My weight in numbers is moving down S-L-O-W-L-Y, but it’s going down at least.  I’m 3 1/2 pounds down in 3 weeks, but in a month I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist so I’ll take it.  In the meantime I am ready to be done with this 30 Day Shred (don’t get me wrong- I love Jillian Michael’s and all, but the repetitiveness is about to drive me nuts!!) so I can move on to the T25 workout dvd’s.  I’ve heard so many great things about it and I’m excited to keep up my daily work outs! 

3. On Monday of this week I had the honor/privilege of taking my Aunt Donna to her last chemotherapy treatment.  While I definitely wished that the conditions of our visit were completely different, I was so thankful for the time with her.  We were able to catch up and just talk about life in general.  She is such a strong Christian woman and I admire her and her strong faith.  Monday was food for my soul for sure.  If you don’t mind, please keep her in your prayers.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer the week before Christmas. Running the Race for the Cure this year in October will take on a totally different meaning to me. 

My Aunt Donna & Uncle Alan January 2014 (about 3 weeks after her diagnosis)

Haley Allen Photography

4. So we, along with the rest of America, bought and watched the movie Frozen this past Tuesday!  It was the 3rd time we’ve seen it and we loved it just as much as the first time.  Ann Elise belts out every song at the top of her lungs.  It might just be the cutest thing ever. 

5. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a busy week!  We’re going to do a little shopping for the kids in the morning and have lunch with my parents.  Then Sunday is church and next week is SpRING BREAK!!  To say that we are sooooo excited for Jackson to be home with us every day next week would be a slight understatement! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy Friday!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Parenting is All About

Parenting. It’s the single hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life and I don’t see anything comparing to it in this lifetime.  With that being said, I often times worry am I doing all that I can do to help my children grow into strong, successful, Christian adults.  Tonight I was able to witness a little piece of our sweet Jackson’s heart and it made this momma heart swell with pride. 

I was tucking him into bed and we had already said our goodnights.  I had a tugging feeling that I should say something addressing a comment he had made earlier in the day.  See, this earlier in the day he had a rough start.  He was making some not so great choices (aka talking back, whining, those sorts of fun things that a 6 1/2 year old can be good at) and I was on his case.  Now, rightfully so b/c it is my job as him mom to make sure he knows that those sorts of things are not acceptable.  But he was making one of his pretty good sad faces in the back seat of the car when my mom was saying her goodbyes and she asked him what was wrong.  He simply stated, “I just feel like I’m being yelled at all day today.”  Now before I go any further- I had not raised the level of my voice once today.  But in his little mind, me constantly being on his case about making better choices was “yelling” at him.  While it broke my heart that he thought I had been yelling at him, I didn’t address it right at that moment since my mom was there and made a mental note to bring it up later. 

Well, bedtime was now the “later” I had been waiting for so I brought it up.  I told him that I was sorry if he felt as though he had been “yelled” at all day, and that mommy didn’t yell, but rather had been trying to remind him of the choices he was making and the level of my voice had not been raised.  The conversation that followed is what prompted me to write this post and I wanted to be able to read this again later and remember how it made me feel.  This is the conversation we had:

Jackson: “Mommy, you don’t actually yell a lot at me you know.” (raising my voice when I get angry is something that I have been praying about and trying my best not to do. Now, I’m human and let’s get real- there are times when my patience is thin and I will raise my voice a little more than I would care to, but I grew up with a “yeller” parent and I don’t want my children to remember me that way. Prayer has definitely gotten me past handling my frustrations with raising my voice, so to hear J say this to me made my heart smile)

Me: “Well, you know how mommy had told you that I was praying about that and trying my best not to raise my voice.”

J: “Right mommy! Like when I’m at school and some of my friends aren’t doing the right things and I just want to tell on them (aka tattling), but then I hear God’s voice (seriously??  I thought my heart might burst when he said this!!) and He tells me ‘you go sit down and don’t worry about what they’re doing, but worry about yourself!’ and so I just go sit down and don’t tell if it’s not hurting someone,” 

M: “Well, that’s is so awesome that that’s how you handle those situations.  That’s what God is there for.  He reminds us in situations that we struggle in to try and do the right thing. And it’s great that you realize that God is talking to you and with you all throughout your day.:”

Jackson and I then said our prayers and this is a tidbit of his prayer:

“and God when I feel like I need to take a quiet time help Mommy to help me do that so I can do the right thing..”  After we finished with our prayers, Jackson brought up that specific part of his prayers.  He asked me if that would be ok for me to do for him from now on.  I told him of course I could and if he ever felt like he needed to have a quiet time to collect his thoughts and to think about the right way to handle things in that moment that it was a wonderful idea!  He went on to say that if he needed to he might need to just go to the bathroom so he could make sure he would be alone.  hahaha Oh from the mouths of babes.  I can remember being his age and I don’t remember thinking these sort of things.  So when we hear our almost 7 year old talk about things like taking a quiet time to pray and think about what he’s doing makes me more proud of him than I’ve ever been before. 

I wanted to document this conversation so that I would have it in black and white forever.  I am so thankful to God tonight that He gave Michael and I a sliver of hope that we are doing something right in raising these 2 precious blessings.  I can only pray that he continues to grow in his child like faith and hangs on to that trust in God that he holds now.  Jackson, if you ever read this, thank you sweet boy for showing us your sweet heart and for being so open and honest about your faith and for being such a precious little boy.  We love you with all of our hearts! 


Monday, March 10, 2014

A Birthday/Snow Day

The week of Ann Elise’s birthday (February 12th) Jackson was out all but one day because of the snow./ice we got.  Ann Elise had been asking for weeks if she could have a “Frozen” birthday and boy did she get one- literally!!  The first round came through that Monday night (her bday was Wednesday that week).  Then on Wednesday night everything closed early due to even more snow/ice predicted.  But that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time that day.  We started the day off with a mommy/daughter visit to the nail salon to get our nails and toes painted.  We did this last year on her birthday for the 1st time, so I thought it was sweet that we were able to do it again this year.  Then, we all went to her favorite place for lunch, Momma Goldberg’s. For dinner we had plans to go out, but since everyone closed, we decided to cook whatever she requested for dinner.  SO, we had macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and rolls.  Super healthy, I know.  But it was her choice! We ended the day with a homemade cake (that was ALL pink) and opening her gifts from us.  It was such a fun day.


The next day, I took them outside to get pictures of them in the snow. Here are a few of those.  I love that she was able to wear her Elsa dress up dress that she got the day before for her birthday and then take pictures in the real snow!